Criterion Equipment is able to provide technical support to customers and undertake repairs and services to equipment in its workshops. It is also able to repair and service equipment in the field.

Read more about our workshop and field services below:


  • All Criterion Equipment branches have fully fledged workshops which provide technical support to customers’ equipment.
  • It also maintains it’s own internal fleet in its workshops.
  • Workshops also cater for rebuilds and refurbishments on our site.

Field Services

  • Responsible for maintenance, repairs and service of it’s own equipment in the field,where rental and maintenance contracts are in place.
  • Criterion Equipment can also tend to customers own equipment for maintenance, repairs and services in the field.

Value Adds

  • Qualified technical staff.
  • Refurbish equipment according to TCM specifications and safety requirements.
  • Repair and reconditioning components such as masts, transmissions, axles etc.
  • Cosmetic overhauls and major repairs.
  • General service and repairs.
  • Fitment of specialised forklift management systems such as engine protection systems, transmission control systems, battery isolators and centralized greasing systems.
  • Use of approved and accredited service providers.
  • Repair and reconditioning of components not just equipment.