• Terms and conditions
    1. No retrospective price adjustments will be allowed, and advertised pricing will be specific to orders received / transactions done on the day. Orders for which Criterion Equipment has received a confirmed customer order already, will not be adjusted to the Black Friday special pricing campaign.
    2. Any open quotations, for which Criterion Equipment has not yet received a confirmed customer order, concluded/confirmed on the 23rd, will attract the Black Friday special pricing.
    3. No retrospective credits will be passed, for goods purchased prior to the day. In other words, if for example, a customer bought goods (e.g. spares) on the 21st, it cannot return the goods on Friday the 23rd, with the expectation of being credited for its purchase on the 21st, and then re-purchase the same goods on Friday the 23rd.
    4. All goods advertised on this campaign, are advertised ex-stock, and subject to availability and prior-sale.
    5. All whole goods advertised, are done so on a cash sale basis only (cash or bank financed deal). No internally financed deals qualify, due to the compromised margin. Rental enquiries will be dealt with on a case by case basis afterwards.
    6. Normal credit control protocols apply.