iNOMA RANGE  FD/FG 1.8 Ton - 3.5 Ton

Offers incomparable ruggedness and operator-friendly features
Redesigned for easier access, greater comfort, improved manoeuvrability, assured safety and durability
Achieves optimum performance for its class while providing safety and comfort

Easy maintenance as well as mounting high power eco-friendly engines














SMART RANGE FD/FG  2.5 Ton - 3 Ton

Smart Design for robust machine
Smart Reliability for cost saving
Smart Performance for market trend





MEDIUM DUTY  FD/FG 4 Ton - 5 Ton

Automatic 2speed transmission with class - leading lift speed for excellent manoeuvrability
Low vibration 6 cylinder engine with easy to use and levers
Operator comfort and safety contributes to increased productivity and efficiency
Aluminium radiator and a torque converter with cooling fins for high durability









HEAVY DUTY FD 6 Ton - 10 Ton

Biggest and most powerful engine in this class (high power and low-fuel consumption)
Environment friendly (black smoke savings of 30% and noxious substance savings of 50%)
Superior lifting speeds (loaded 6 ton forklift at 500mm/sec)
Greater visibility (exellent forward and upward visibility)








HEAVY DUTY FD 12 Ton - FD23 Ton

Innovated, powerful engine which complies to second tier emission controls
Three speed automatic transmissions
Soft touch level changes enabled by magnetic valves
Easy drive mode selection
Improved visibility by pillar-less cabin (optional). No pillar cabin substantially contributes to increasing safety cargo handlings as well as travelling

Improved drawbar pull and gradeability








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